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Your Guide To Juno Points
How Juno Points Work: A Guide
How Juno Points Work: A Guide
Want to know how points work and what happens if you don't use them? Read this.
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How much are points worth?


£10 = 20 Juno points

$10 = 16 Juno points

€10 = 17 Juno points

*subject to your location, our algorithm, and currency exchange rates.

The only exception is with Juno cards, where a 3% surcharge will be added to each purchase.

Do my points expire?

Only after 12 months*

*Unless your company has set their subscription differently, but you would know beforehand.

Can I cash my points out?

No, but you can use your points towards a health and wellbeing experience of your choice by using our Juno cards, or the reimbursement system ⚡️

Can I send my points to someone else?

Yes! Read this article on how to send points to a colleague.

Can I sell my points to someone else?

No! But if you want to spend your points on someone else, you can find some inspiration here

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