The Juno Guide to Benefits in Kind, Tax and P11Ds in the UK

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There are many benefits to using Juno to provide flexible and incredible benefits to your team. From a tax perspective here are some of the benefits:

  • Much more efficient P11D reporting

  • Potential savings with taxable benefits


N.B. This is not intended as financial or tax advice. Please consult with your tax, legal and finance team before proceeding with any employee benefits programmes.

About Benefits in Kind and Tax

  • Juno's experiences will rarely be classed as trivial benefits, as the costs of the Juno subscription over the full year is likely to be over £50 (the annual tax allowance)

  • Essentially the Juno platform subscription will - in most instances - attract NIC/PAY, and be considered a benefit in kind

  • The Juno subscriptions will need to be reported on the P11D for each employee at the end of the tax year as a Membership

We've done some indicative maths that show (for example) someone with a salary of £45k, and who had a Juno monthly subscription of £30 per month would be paying £6 more in taxes per month.*

Please bear in mind this is a rough example, and of course case by case will be different.

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