What can the card be spent on?
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If you're not sure where you can use your Card, or just looking for inspiration, here is a list of areas that you can pay with your Virtual Juno Cards:

Health and Fitness

  • Products (gym equipment, clothing, exercise bikes, treadmills, massage guns, yoga mats, rollers, fitness trackers etc)

  • Services (classes, sessions, packages etc)

  • Subscriptions (gym memberships, physical and digital fitness subscriptions etc)

Mental Health

  • Therapy (online and in-person)

  • Courses (CBT etc)

  • Subscriptions

  • Experiences (sessions, classes)

Self Care

  • Restorative (massages, reflexology, acupuncture etc)

  • Beauty (hair, nails, facials etc)

  • Services (classes, sessions, packages etc)

  • Products (bedding, devices)

Life Admin

  • House cleaning

  • Laundry pick up

  • Childcare

  • Dog walking and sitting

Food and Nutrition

  • Healthy food delivery (apps, websites)

  • Meal boxes (subscriptions, services)

  • Nutritionist consultations (digital or in-person)

  • Smoothies, drinks, protein shakes

Learning & Development

  • Courses (online and physical)

  • Education subscriptions

  • Language lessons


  • Charity and cause donations

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