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Get Started With Juno
Welcome to Juno! Here's how to get started
Welcome to Juno! Here's how to get started
Welcome to the Juno Community! This article will get you up to speed with setting up your team on Juno.
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Welcome to Juno, it's great to have you joining the Juno Community. This article will outline the steps to get you and your team set up on Juno

Creating a Team

Once you're logged into the platform, head to the dropdown menu under your name and hit 'create a team'

From here you'll be prompted to choose your team name.

Choosing a Plan

After creating your team profile you'll be able to select the monthly budget you wish to set for your team members, you can also toggle which currency you wish to pay in (£/$/€). Once you hit 'next' you'll be taken through to the payment screen.

Paying for your Juno Plan

After you've selected your monthly budget you'll be able to select your Juno Day! Juno day is your billing date and also the day your team will receive their points. We recommend putting this a couple of weeks before payday to spread the joy!

From here you'll be able to enter your payment details. Payment will be taken on your selected Juno Day.

Inviting your Employees

The final step is to invite your team to Juno. From your team panel you'll be able to add your team members. You can do this right away so everyone can have a look around or the day before the billing date. If you have larger number of members to add, we'd recommend uploading a CSV.

You're all set!

You'll only be charged for active users, so make sure everyone is signed up before your first billing date. You can send out reminders in bulk by clicking on 'pending invites' and hitting 'remind all'.

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