Health Check-in Guide
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We recommend completing your health check-in every two weeks to give you the best experience on the platform. The health check-in can be completed here and consists of 16 questions to give you an idea of where your well-being is currently and gives you tailored recommendations on the platform.

Here's how to access your Health Check-in step by step:

1. Click on My Health on the drop-down menu

2. Click on Create your program

3. Create a wellbeing goal

4. Answer the questionnaire

5. Once you finish the questionnaire, our program will analyse your answers and give you a personalised wellbeing score.

6. And recommend you experiences available in your location to help you reach the goal you set at the beginning.

6. Depending on the experiences you order on Juno, different areas of your wellbeing will improve.

Go ahead and create your wellbeing program based on your Health Check-in! All the information you submit is confidential, and you can come back and restart your program at any time.

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