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If you're reading this you must be new, welcome to the Juno family! Your company has been amazing and decided to bring you all onto our platform, to support your lives. This guide will introduce you to Juno, what we do, why we do it, and how you can use it!

Why your employer chose Juno

With Juno, you can choose how you take care of your wellbeing by accessing hundreds of globally available and meaningful products and services.

This means you can get exactly what you need to improve your wellbeing inside and outside work.

How you can use Juno for your wellbeing

Every month your employer will give you an allowance on Juno Points. As a general rule £1 = 2 Juno points. Each month you will be able to roll over your points so you are able to save up if you fancy getting something a little bigger or just treat yourself when you need it.

This is how you can spend them:

  1. Order wellbeing brands available in your location on the platform.

  2. If you can't find what you need, you can purchase the product yourself and use our reimbursement system

  3. Make well-being purchases using your virtual Juno Card.

Get started on Juno

We're so happy you're here! Follow this handy guide to get onboarded on Juno.

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