What can I get on Juno?
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Here are the categories and some examples of products and services that you can order on Juno:

Life: Sustainable lifestyle products, Organic coffee, Memberships to cultural sites etc.

Home: House cleaning, Handyman help, Flowers and Plants etc.

Nutrition: Organic Veg boxes, Nutrition Programme, Fridge Fills etc.

Mind: Online therapy, Reading material, Wellbeing journals etc.

Entertainment: Colouring activities, Pottery kits, Garden and art boxes and more.

Learning: Personal tutoring, Educational content, Online courses etc.

Self Care: Sustainable period products, Facials, Sexual wellness products and more.

Fitness: Online exercise, Fitness smart trackers, Yoga, Spin workout and more.

Health: Nutritionist sessions, Health app subscriptions, Supplement powders etc.

Giving: Donate to Mind.org, Caritas Nula and many more charities.

Finance: Finance tips, Financial advisors.

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