Troubleshooting Team Points
Got some questions about your teams points? Find the answer here!
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Someone hasn't received their points

In order for a member to receive points and be added to the plan they need to follow the invitation link sent to them from Juno. The most common reason for members not having points when signing in for the first time is that they create an account and do not follow the invitation link. This link can be used after a member has created an account but is the missing puzzle piece to connect an account to the team and the plan. If anyone is struggling to use the link or has not received one, please contact the team for assistance.

Another reason an employee may not have received points is if they have not been added to the plan. You can check this by heading to 'Manage Team' finding the employee and checking their status. If they aren't on the plan you can add them by hovering over their status.

Someone has fewer points than they were expecting

Sometimes when people sign up they see fewer points in their wallet than they were expecting, this is usually because they are signing up a month or two later than everyone else. Juno points are not pre assigned to a user so unless they are occupying a seat they will not receive points each month. In order for a member to occupy a seat and start accumulating points they must have an active account on the team plan.

If you'd like to check the status of your invites you can find them under 'Pending Invites' in 'Manage Team'. You can also send out reminders here.

Whoops! I sent someone too many points!

We've all been there, not to worry just let the team know via the live chat and we'll get that sorted for you. Soon you'll be able to grab them back yourself!

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