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Employers: Managing your team on Juno
Using Juno for rewards, recognition and special occasions
Using Juno for rewards, recognition and special occasions

Treating your team to a little something extra? Here's how to do it through Juno

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With Juno it's easy to reward your staff with extra Juno points. If you head to 'Manage Team' by hitting the drop down under your team name, you can then select 'Team Points'. You'll then see this screen:

From here you can top up your team wallet and send out points to your team members.

Topping up the Team Wallet

You can top up the Team Wallet by hitting 'Top Up'. You'll then be able to select the amount of points needed. The amount will be added to your next invoice as a separate line.

Sending Points to a Team Member

Once you have points in the Team Wallet you will be able to distribute them to your team. Just select 'Send Points' at the top of the left-hand menu and select the members you'd like to send points to! You can also choose 'All Members' to send points to the entire team in one swoop.

Remember that only 'On Plan' users can receive points!

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