Help! My team isn't using Juno

Experiencing some low engagement? Not to worry, we're here to help!

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People aren't using Juno

In order for the Juno team to help with low engagement on the platform we must first understand why the members aren’t engaged. Chat to your account manager, we can identify people to speak to or send through a feedback form to share with your team. Once we have this we’ll be able to look at the best approach for improvement. Some reasons your team might have low engagement could be:

  • They’re saving up for a larger ticket item

  • They are unsure of how to use the platform

  • They’re too busy to use it right now

  • They’ve experienced a technical issue that we need to fix

  • They’re not seeing enough experiences in their location.

All of these problems have a solution, just keep your account manager in the loop and we can work together to find a solution which works for you and your team!

People haven't accepted their invites

Have some of your team not accepted their invitations? No problem! Just head to 'Manage Team' and hit 'Pending Invites'. You'll then be able to send reminders to individual members or everyone with open invitations.

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