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Get your questions answered
Check out this article to get all of your questions answered, we've covered the most common queries here but
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There are many benefits to using Juno to provide flexible and incredible benefits to your team. To learn more about how Juno is taxed - check out these links:

If your team would like to calculate the tax they can expect from using Juno as a benefit they can check this using this form.


Are there any set-up costs?

Absolutely not!

How much is it going to cost?

The average is £45 per month. That’s about 1.5% of an average monthly salary. The minimum to get started is £30 per month per person but you can set any budget to suit your needs. Check out our pricing page here.

How does Juno make money?

We negotiate concessions with partners and providers and take a small commission from them. We don’t make money from employers or members.


Is there a minimum contract length?

Nope, we're a subscription. Cancel anytime you want.

How much would £40 get someone?

Enough for 3 hours of housekeeping, a yoga class, as short intro to programming, and a veg box.

What analytics do you offer employers?

Anonymised usage data, most popular experiences booked per month, engagement rate, and so on.

How many experiences are on the platform?

As of March 2022, there are 500+ top class experiences on the platform. We add about 15 providers a week.

Can people request other experiences?

Yes! Members have used Juno points to pay for baby sitters, jui jitsu memberships, even plumbers? Through Juno, members can access Juno Cards and Reimbursements.

Can points be shared amongst colleagues?

Yes! For occasions like birthdays, workiversaries, and bonuses. You can find out how to send points to others here.

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