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Resources for Team Admins
Resources for Team Admins
Ready to launch Juno to your team? Here's everything you need to share
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Now that you’ve created your team and added your team members to Juno, here are some resources that can come in handy to help you and your team get the most out of your Juno membership:

Onboarding video: share this video with your team to help them understand how Juno works and where to find everything they need on the platform. Share this link.

Juno introduction: download this PDF and share this document to introduce Juno to your team. Download here.

Troubleshooting guide: this guide can help you find solutions to frequently asked questions from other Team Admins. Download here.

UK Benefit-In-Kind Tax Calculator: Share this form with your team so that they can get an idea of how much tax they can expect to pay for Juno. Share this link.

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