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Get Started With Juno
Getting Started on Juno: The Quick Guide
Getting Started on Juno: The Quick Guide
Ready to go? Here's everything you need to know to get started.
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With Juno, your team can choose how they take care of their wellbeing by accessing hundreds of globally available and meaningful products and services. This means they can get exactly what they need to improve your wellbeing inside and outside work, regardless of their location.

Each one of your employees get a monthly allowance of Juno points, which can be spent in 3 ways:

  • Order wellbeing brands available in their location on the marketplace

  • They can use their points via their Virtual Juno Card, which is tailored to work for wellbeing products and services that are not available on the marketplace.

  • They can submit a receipt of their wellbeing purchase and get reimbursed in exchange for their Juno Points.

This gives your team complete flexibility to choose what they need.

How to set-up your account

  1. Sign-up to the Juno platform

  2. Follow these instructions to create your team and invite your teammates

  3. Launch Juno to your team

How to launch Juno to your team

To get your team started we created a handy on-boarding video - you can download it here. Download all of the guides you need here.

Any questions?

Check out our FAQ page or get in touch with the team via the live chat

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