Setting up your new Virtual Juno Card
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We've partnered with Stripe to completely upgrade your Virtual Juno Card. You'll now be able to access your card details in your account, access your transaction history and check your balance.

What’s the difference between this card and the previous card?

Good question! With the previous card, you had to manually request a card to be topped up with your points and it was tricky to find out the balance on it and what the card details were. The new card solves these problems. Your available balance is linked to the amount of points you have in your wallet. Next to that, you can view your balance, card details and transaction history right on the Juno platform, easy right?

I already have a Juno Card via Yordex, what can I do?

Shoot us a message via the chat functionality on the platform or email and let us know you’d like to switch. We’ll then move your balance back into your Juno wallet so you can access it through the new card feature.

How do I set up my new Virtual Juno Card?

Here are the steps you need to take to set up your new Card:

  1. Our Customer Support team will transfer back into your Juno Wallet any remaining points in your current Card

  2. Once you get an email confirmation from our Support Team, you can click on Services > Virtual Juno Card

  3. Fill in the form and click Request Card

  4. Once you've requested it, you'll be able to view it under the same place: Services > Virtual Juno Card

  5. Under Virtual Juno Card, you'll be able to see your card details to make a purchase, your balance and your transaction history

  6. Update any subscriptions you might have with your new Virtual Juno Card details

A 3% surcharge applies to Juno Card transactions.

Watch this tutorial to learn more:

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