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Goodbye Concierge, Hello Full Flexibility
Goodbye Concierge, Hello Full Flexibility
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Hey! You've probably heard by now that Concierge service will soon be leaving the platform. But it's only because Juno is getting better!

Why is Concierge leaving Juno?

To put it simply, we want you to be able to have complete control of your custom orders.

What is replacing Concierge?

We're replacing our Concierge Service with Reimbursements and our new Virtual Juno Card.

With Reimbursements, you have full flexibility of paying your recent wellbeing purchases with your Juno points by submitting a reimbursement.

With Virtual Juno Cards, you have access to your Juno Card details, your balance and your transaction history, all on the platform. And you no longer need to top it up. This smart new Virtual Card automatically syncs your points into your Card.

With these two options, when you can't find what you're looking for on our Marketplace, you can purchase your wellbeing product and services straight from the source, or get reimbursed if you prefer your local shops. Giving you complete control and flexibility on how you choose to take care of your wellbeing!

A 3% surcharge applies to all Juno Card transactions.

What can I get with Reimbursements and Virtual Juno Cards?

Anything you were getting from Concierge! But if you're looking for inspiration, here is a list of areas that you can Reimburse and pay with your Virtual Juno Cards:

Health and Fitness

  • Products (gym equipment, clothing, exercise bikes, treadmills, massage guns, yoga mats, rollers, fitness trackers etc)

  • Services (classes, sessions, packages etc)

  • Subscriptions (gym memberships, physical and digital fitness subscriptions etc)

Mental Health

  • Therapy (online and in-person)

  • Courses (CBT etc)

  • Subscriptions

  • Experiences (sessions, classes)

Self Care

  • Restorative (massages, reflexology, acupuncture etc)

  • Beauty (hair, nails, facials etc)

  • Services (classes, sessions, packages etc)

  • Products (bedding, clothing, devices)

Life Admin

  • House cleaning

  • Laundry pick up

  • Childcare

  • Dog walking and sitting

Food and Nutrition

  • Healthy food delivery (apps, websites)

  • Meal boxes (subscriptions, services)

  • Nutritionist consultations (digital or in-person)

  • Smoothies, drinks, protein shakes

Learning & Development

  • Courses (online and physical)

  • Education subscriptions

  • Language lessons


  • Charity and cause donations

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