Starting a Subscription
Ready to give your team access to Juno every month? Here's how.
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If you've already created your team on Juno and are ready to start up a monthly subscription, this is the article for you. If you're starting from scratch, check out this article instead.

Firstly, head to the 'Manage Plan' section of your team dashboard and click 'Start Subscription'.

Choosing a Plan

After creating your team profile you'll be able to select the budget you wish to set for your team, you can also toggle which currency you wish to pay in (£/$/€). Once you hit 'next' you'll be taken through to the payment screen.

If you are using Juno for rewards and recognition and will not be setting a monthly budget for your team you can skip this step.

Paying for your Juno Plan

On the payment screen you'll be able to select the number of subscriptions you need for your team. This is the number of people who will be receiving points each month and may include yourself if you're also signing up. You can also choose your start date, the date you choose will be your billing renewal date each month.

Finally you can select your payment method. We recommend starting with credit card and switching over to direct debit after 3 months. If you choose to go with direct debit right away there will be a delay in your team receiving points. The initial direct debit payment will take 14 working days to process with the subsequent payments taking 3-5 working days.

Points are released upon successful payment, once you have paid using credit card for 3 months we can switch the release date over to your invoicing date. This will make the points release much more regular for your team.

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