Make the Most of Juno with Reimbursements
Reimbursements offer you a flexible way to use your points for any purchase.
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One of the most versatile ways to use your Juno points for your wellbeing is through our reimbursement system. Although we try to offer a wide range of options both on our platform and through our card service, we understand that this doesn't always meet everyone's needs. If you need to set up a direct debit for a gym membership, or want to use your points on an in-person purchase, reimbursements would be great for you.

Requesting a Reimbursement

Setting up a reimbursement request is super simple. Just head to our homepage, and you'll find a button that says 'Request a reimbursement'.

Once you click that, it will take you to a page where you can upload your receipt, tell us what you'd like to expense, and enter the currency and amount you would like to be reimbursed. If you don't have enough Juno points to cover the entire reimbursement, don't worry! You can also request a partial reimbursement for your product using your remaining Juno points.

A quick note on receipts

There's no timeframe on how recently you need to have made your purchase, but you do need to make sure that your receipt has the vendor's name, the amount you spent, and the currency you made the purchase in.

Entering Your Details for Different Currencies

Because different countries have different banking standards, we need different information from you depending on your currency and location. Our website will automatically adjust what it asks from you based on the currency you select, but if you want to prepare your information ahead of time, you can read on below!


If you are requesting a reimbursement in GBP, we'll just need your full name, sort code, and account number.


If you are requesting a reimbursement in EUR, we'll need your full name and IBAN.


If you are requesting a reimbursement in USD, we'll need your full name, account type, account number, routing number, and address.


If you are requesting a reimbursement in CAD, we'll need your full name, account type, account number, institution number, and transit number.

All other currencies

For all other currencies, we have partnered with Wise (formerly TransferWise), which allows us to make transfers using just your email! You can create an account ahead of requesting your reimbursement, which can streamline the process once we send your payment over — but no worries if you don't have time, you can just follow Wise's instructions once you receive their email. We also recommend adding and to your contacts once you've submitted a request, as their emails sometimes get lost in spam!

Cost in Points

For requests made in GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, and SGD, our website will automatically calculate the cost in points for you, displayed like this:

For all other currencies, you'll see this message displayed on the website:

Unless you are on the Premium plan, there is an additional 5-point processing fee for each reimbursement.

For requests like these, we'll confirm your cost in points via email!

After You Submit

Once you submit your request, a member of our team will look over your request to ensure that we have everything we need from you. We'll send you a confirmation email once this process is complete, and we'll send over your transfer on the following Friday. It can sometimes take a few days for this to appear in your account (especially for our international customers), but you should have your payment soon after that!

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