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Your Guide To Juno Points
Can I Spend My Points on Someone Else?
Can I Spend My Points on Someone Else?
Learn how to use your Juno points to give someone special a new experience.
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One question we get a lot from our customers is, 'Can I spend my points on other people?' The answer is YES!

We understand that sometimes you'd rather treat a loved one rather than get yourself something special. Here at Juno, we believe that wellbeing is about your community as well as you as an individual, so we're more than happy to help you send gifts to those you care about.

Physical Items

If you're ordering a physical item from our platform, you can turn it into a gift by simply modifying your address details. Make sure to include your recipient's name in the address so that we can send it to the right location. If you want your recipient to receive tracking updates, you can also enter their phone number!

Online Services

If you would like to send an online service like an app subscription, an online talk, etc., the process is also very simple. Just enter your recipient's details instead of yours, and we'll send it over to them 😊

Juno Cards and Reimbursements

Of course, you can also use Juno Cards and reimbursements to purchase a gift for that special someone! These options give you the flexibility to purchase items that you might not be able to find on our platform — like materials for a niche hobby, or a birthday dinner at a nice restaurant.

So next time you have a birthday or an anniversary coming up, why not find your perfect gift through Juno?

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