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Want To See Something New On The Platform? Here's How!
Want To See Something New On The Platform? Here's How!
Help us give you what you want by suggesting new products for our platform.
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We are always looking for feedback on how to improve the Juno experience for our customers. We try to make our service as flexible as possible with our Juno Card and reimbursement options, but we are also want to know what you'd like to see on our platform. If you have any suggestions for new brands or products, there are a few different ways you can contact us.

(1) Check out our brand suggestion box!

Fill out our brand suggestion box to get your favourite brands on Juno. Simply tell us your name, where you're based, the name of the product you would like to see along with a short description, and we will do our best to get them on the platform as soon as possible!

(2) Leave us some feedback

One of the best ways to suggest something new for the platform is by filling out our feedback form. This will give you space to suggest new brands you'd like us to add to the platform, and to let us know if anything you have ordered so far has not been satisfactory. We care about the quality of the services we offer, so we want to know when they don't meet our standards.

Filling out our feedback can also help you out – when you fill out the form, we'll enter you into a lottery with the chance of winning 250 Juno points! Just follow the link here to get started.

(3) Chat with us

If you're browsing on our platform and suddenly get an idea that you're afraid you might forget later, not to worry! We have a chat function on our website which will connect you to a support agent within a few minutes. Just click on the button at the bottom right corner of our platform and you can start typing in your suggestion right away!

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