Which purchases can I reimburse?
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If you're not sure which purchases you can reimburse, or you're just looking for inspiration, below is a list of areas that you can use your Juno points to cover.

Don't see your item on the list? When you submit a reimbursement, you'll have the opportunity to explain how the purchase supports your wellbeing in the 'What Is It That You'd Like To Expense?' section. As long as the purchase reasonably supports your wellbeing, we'll be happy to reimburse it.

Health and Fitness

  • Products (gym equipment, clothing, exercise bikes, treadmills, massage guns, yoga mats, rollers, fitness trackers etc)

  • Services (classes, sessions, packages etc)

  • Subscriptions (gym memberships, physical and digital fitness subscriptions etc)

Mental Health

  • Therapy (online and in-person)

  • Courses (CBT etc)

  • Subscriptions

  • Experiences (sessions, classes)

Self Care

  • Restorative (massages, reflexology, acupuncture, holidays etc)

  • Beauty (hair, nails, facials etc)

  • Services (classes, sessions, packages etc)

  • Products (bedding, devices)

Life Admin

  • House cleaning

  • Laundry pick up

  • Childcare

  • Dog walking and sitting

Food and Nutrition

  • Healthy food delivery (apps, websites)

  • Meal boxes (subscriptions, services)

  • Nutritionist consultations (digital or in-person)

  • Smoothies, drinks, protein shakes

Learning & Development

  • Courses (online and physical)

  • Education subscriptions

  • Language lessons


  • Charity and cause donations

It doesn't matter how long ago you made the purchase - you can reimburse it at any time.

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