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Juno Cards: the comprehensive guide
What can and can't I use my Juno Card for?
What can and can't I use my Juno Card for?
What can I use my Juno card for? What are its limits? When should I request a reimbursement? Check out this article to find out the answer!
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What can I use my Juno Card for?

Our Juno cards grant you maximum flexibility on how you spend your points. They work as virtual debit cards, which you can use to spend on any wellness-related product. Our definition of wellness is very broad, so included within this are anything from your Netflix subscription, a spa trip, or even your online groceries.

To give you a quick example, here is how I use my card to spend my monthly Juno points:

  • My Spotify subscription

  • My Duolingo premium membership

  • Kindle books

  • My Coursera subscription

If you’re still stuck looking for ideas, take a look at our Instagram for more inspiration!

What can’t I use my Juno Card for?

Our Juno cards are virtual, and we currently don’t have a physical option available. Not to worry though, you can still expense your physical purchases (such as your weekly grocery shop, your Waterstones book haul, and your in-person facial) by using our reimbursement form.

Similarly, our Juno cards do not work with direct debit, so purchases such as gym memberships will also require you to purchase the product yourself and upload your monthly receipt to our reimbursement form.

Check out this article for more information on our reimbursements!

Why is my card getting declined?

Check the balance on your card- a 3% surcharge applies to Juno transactions, so you you might be missing a few Juno points in spite of having the correct funds. This might be why you are not be able to make your purchase! You can top up your Juno wallet, or simply wait for your points to update on Juno Day, to be able to make the purchase.

Our Juno Cards are also sometimes blocked by the providers, who may flag your purchase as spam or fraud. We've noticed that this issue is especially prevalent when it comes to purchasing gift cards (particularly gaming vouchers). Not to worry through, you can still expense these using your Juno points by purchasing the product yourself and requesting a reimbursement.

We also have a few limits on what we don’t allow spending on. Alcoholic beverages and non-fitness related clothing do not fall under the category of wellness, and so clothing and alcohol-related merchants are blocked as available merchants on our Juno card. Other blocked merchants include non-wellness related products such as sports betting sites, dating services, and cigar stores are also banned. Certain merchants that fall under this category, such as utility bills or computer repair services can still be reimbursed, so feel free to purchase the product yourself and request a reimbursement. Transfers directly to your personal bank account, Paypal account, or Revolut are also blocked.

Still not sure how our Juno card works? Experiencing any other issues? Contact our Customer Service Team via the live chat on the bottom right of your screen to find out more information!

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