All you need to know about enquiry orders
When you're browsing on our website, you might see 'Your pick!' options. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them.
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For some of our providers with a large selection of products, we give you special enquiry options. These will be listed with names like 'Your pick!' or 'Choose your own!' with the cost is given 'by enquiry'. If you've ever wondered how orders like these work, you're in the right place!

Why do we do this?

We provide enquiry options for some of our partners who have an extremely large selection of items. Since we aren't able to list the prices for all items they have available, we use the enquiry method to let you choose anything you want from them. Additionally, for some international orders where the exchange rate between currencies fluctuates dramatically, we use an enquiry option to make sure you're getting charged the right amount!

Placing your order

With enquiry orders, you have the full freedom to choose anything from that provider, either by going on their page directly to choose the item, or by choosing from the options that are already listed on our platform. In the first case, just follow the link in the product description and browse away! And once you're ready, paste a link in the enquiry box and press submit. Please make sure not to submit enquiry requests simply out of curiosity — if you have enough points, we will go ahead and purchase the item for you immediately! If you would like to know the point cost instead, the best way to do so is by reaching out to our customer support team via our online chat.

Point calculation

Once we know which item you'd like, we'll calculate how many points the order would cost you. Our current conversion rate is £1 = 2 Juno Points, so you can check beforehand to see if you have enough points if you'd like!

If everything looks good, we'll place the order for you immediately. If we need a bit more information from you (like missing address lines), or if you don't quite have enough points, we'll contact you again to let you know.

After your order

Once your order has been fully processed, the steps are the same as any other order! We'll let you know about an estimated delivery date if we have that information, but otherwise, regular shipping times should be available under the product listing. But if you have any questions, you can always contact us through the chat function on our website, or by replying to the confirmation email we send you.

Happy browsing!

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