Can I have my purchase partially reimbursed?
Whether you're just 2 points or 100 points away, learn how to request partial reimbursements for any expense.
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Maybe you are just a couple points short of the full purchase amount, or maybe you've treated yourself to a long getaway and want just a small portion of your expenses covered. Either way, Juno Reimbursements have your back!

You can receive partial reimbursements for any wellbeing purchase by simply adjusting the amount you request on our Reimbursement form.

For GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, and SGD, the page will automatically calculate the point cost for you. If you don't have enough points for the amount you initially entered, you'll receive this error message:

Of course, we're happy for you to top up so that you can receive a full reimbursement. But if you'd rather skip that step, you can always request a partial reimbursement instead by lowering the amount you are requesting until you have enough points to cover it. The number on your receipt doesn't have to match the requested amount perfectly — we're happy to reimburse any amount that is the same price or lower, so we'll get that sorted for you as soon as we receive your request!

For other currencies, you won't receive an automatic point calculation on the Reimbursement form, so it may be more difficult to tell whether you have enough points to cover your expense. A Juno Team member will get in touch if you are short of the full amount, and we'll ask if you would like to use all of your available points to cover as much of the cost as possible. You can then tell us whether you'd like the reimbursement right away, or if you'd prefer to top up or wait for more points in the future!

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