Team Admin vs Team Rewarder

Find out the difference between being assigned as a Team Admin, Team Manager and also Team Member in Juno

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What are the differences between being a Team Admin or Team Rewarder?

There are 3 types of users in a Juno account: Team Admin(s), Team Rewarder(s) and Team Member(s).

As a Team Admin you are in full control of all aspects of your Juno account:

  • You can create your Team(s);

  • Choose a Plan;

  • Select the payment method(s) and pay for your Juno Plan;

  • Invite your employees.

The Team Admins can choose which employees are assigned as Team Rewarders by clicking the gift icon next to 'Employee' under Manage Team, as seen in the image below.

Team Admins and Team Rewarders are able to to send points from the Team Wallet to any user on your team! Employees can still send points to colleagues, but only from their own Juno Points balance.

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