Why can't I find this product anymore?
Are you trying to reorder a product, but you aren't able to find it anywhere? This might be why.
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If you are ever browsing on our website and can't find something you swore was there before, it could be that the item is no longer available through Juno. This might be for a number of different reasons.

One possibility is that our provider may have discontinued the item, or it may be out of stock. When this is the case, we always try to keep our product listings as up to date as possible, which is why you won't always see everything active. You can wait a few weeks to see if the item you want shows back up on the website — but if you're in doubt, you can always contact us through our chat service to see if we have more information about the item!

Another reason a product may become unavailable is if a partnership has come to an end. This can happen if a provider has sadly been unable to deliver the high-quality services we promise to our customers. Some of our providers may also decide to alter their business model and end a partnership. We always try to find replacements wherever possible, so you should have access to alternatives.

If you'd still prefer to purchase from a provider that we are no longer partnered with, you can always utilise our Juno Card or Reimbursement services in order to do this using your points 😊

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