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Your Guide To Juno Points
How much are Juno Points worth?
How much are Juno Points worth?
You might be wondering about the monetary value of a Juno Point. Read this article to find out about conversions to most major currencies.
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We often get questions about how much Juno Points are worth. And we get it — knowing how much your balance is in your local currency can help you understand how much you have to spend on your Juno Card or through reimbursements.

The base conversion rate for Juno Points is based on GBP:

1 Juno Point = 0.50 GBP

Conversions to all other currencies are dependent on the exchange rate with GBP, so they may fluctuate week by week. However, to give you an idea of how much your points are worth, here are rough estimates for major world currencies as of 10th May 2022:

1 Juno Point = 0.58 EUR

1 Juno Point = 0.62 USD

1 Juno Point = 0.80 CAD

1 Juno Point = 0.86 SGD

Of course, we understand that this doesn't cover all of the currencies relevant for our wide user base! So if you're still a bit confused about how much a Juno Point is worth in your local currency, please feel free to calculate the conversion rate yourself, or reach out to our customer support team via our online chat or by email.

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