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Employers: Managing your team on Juno
Integrating Juno with your HRIS provider
Integrating Juno with your HRIS provider
Instructions, FAQs and troubleshooting for our HRIS integration
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Juno provides an easy and automatic way to add and remove employees from your plan, by syncing with your HRIS provider. This guide will help you set up an integration with your HRIS provider.

Setting Up

When your team is on the Premium Plan you get access to the HRIS integration functionality. You can set up the integration by going to your manage team page and scroll down to the Integrations section.

When you click on "Set up your integration" you can select the HRIS platform that you currently have in place and follow the steps to connect. At the moment, we support BambooHR, CharlieHR, Hibob, Factorial, Humaans, Personio, SuccessFactors, and Workday. Please let us know if your HRIS platform is not in the list and we will prioritise it on our roadmap.

After you have authenticated with your HRIS provider a screen will appear to set up your syncing preferences. If you switch on automatically add to plan, employees synced from your HRIS platform will automatically receive points on Juno Day, provided they have accepted their invite.

You can also set an amount of welcome points you wish for newly invited employees to receive upon accepting their invitation. This will enable them to immediately make use of the Juno platform when they join, which tends to increase engagement. Please note, welcome points come out of your team wallet, so you need to make sure there are enough points in your team wallet to be able to send them. If you don’t have enough points available during the setup phase, don’t worry - you’ll get an opportunity to top-up your team wallet as part of the integration setup.

Syncing only a selection of employees

If you don’t want everyone on your HRIS platform to be synced to Juno you can use the teams sync functionality. To do this, follow the steps below:

On your HRIS platform you can create a team, something like “Active on Juno”

Add the selected employees to that newly created team

On Juno, update your preferences to only sync the newly created team.

That’s it. Next time you sync, Juno will only invite employees from the selected team. Any new employees you add to this team on your HRIS platform will also automatically be added to the Juno platform in the future.

Please note that if you create a team in your HRIS it will take up to 24 hours to appear on Juno.

Other FAQs:

Will my existing members be removed when I sync?

No, only users who have at one time been on the HRIS platform and been removed will be removed. Any existing users will remain.

My users aren’t syncing for new and removed members, when will they appear on Juno?

Between 12-24 hours depending on the platform. This will be the case for automated and manual syncing.

A user still exists on Juno after setting them to inactive on the HRIS

We will not remove ‘Admins’ automatically when they disappear from the HRIS. This must be done manually on the Juno platform.

A user was deleted from the HRIS platform but still appears on Juno

Our integration with the HRIS platform is based on the expectation that users will be set to ‘inactive’ via ‘retired’,’fired’ etc. Deleting the user completely from the HRIS will not notify Juno to remove them. Contact customer support to address this user.

Will this automatically update with my team on Juno?

The first time you will have to trigger a sync by pressing the Sync now button. After that we will update the team daily based on changes in your HRIS system.

Will this integration update the information on my HRIS?

At the moment we only pull data from your HRIS and don’t update any of the information stored in your HRIS.

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