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Juno Flex Cards©: The Comprehensive Guide
Juno Flex Cards©: The Comprehensive Guide

Set up your Juno Flex Card© so you can start spending your Juno Points!

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What is a Juno Flex Card©?

The Juno Flex Card© is a virtual VISA card, which gives you the ultimate freedom when using your Juno Points.

You don't need to preload your Juno Flex Card©; the balance on your card will automatically reflect the Juno Points available in your account converted into your local currency.

You can change your currency by swapping your location at the top of any page. If your currency is different to your main team currency, the exchange rate will be a live rate.

The Juno Flex Card© works in the same way as a normal debit card, it can be added to your Google Wallet to pay using your mobile device, and you can also request a physical version (location dependent).

Apple Pay is currently not available, although we're working hard to implement this for you! Please note that Juno Flex Cards© do not currently support direct debit payments.

What can I spend my Juno Points on?

The Juno Flex Card© is your tool to take your wellbeing benefit into your own hands! Juno views wellbeing as being personal to each individual, and so we've allowed our users as much freedom as possible when using their Juno Flex Cards©.

Certain categories like gambling, alcohol and fuel are blocked (full list at the foot of this article) as we consider them to be outside of the scope of wellbeing.

Please note there is a single transaction limit of £750. If you've managed to save up points over a long time and you need to spend more in a single transaction, please speak to support.

Juno's Platform Partners

We have developed a network of wellbeing partners where you can avail exclusive discounts or earn more Juno Points as rewards when buying their products or services.

However, we want our Juno users to have the maximum choice, so if you have a favourite brand or provider, head straight over to their website or their store and use your Juno Flex Card© to pay.

How do I set my card up?

  1. In the left-hand menu click Flex Card©

  2. Enter the details that you'll use when making transactions online (name, address, phone number).

  3. You'll be able to return to that page in future to see your card details and check your transaction history.

Depending on your location, your 'Billing Address' may be set to Juno's central London address. If that's the case you should use this address as the 'Billing Address' when making purchases online.

How is this secure?

  • We rely on VISA's security and fraud standards.

  • We can pause, block and cancel cards with a click of a button

Blocked Categories:

  • Automotive, Car Dealers, Service Stations, Fuel

  • Furniture/Electrical/Appliance Repair

  • Jewellery, Precious Gems

  • Utilities, Heating, Industrial Suppliers

  • Building Materials, Metalworks

  • Alcohol, Cigarettes

  • Gambling & Casinos

  • Political Organisations, Government Agencies

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