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My Juno Flex Card© has been Declined. Why?
My Juno Flex Card© has been Declined. Why?

This guide will help you troubleshoot why your card has been declined

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#1 Your balance might be too low

Check the balance on your card- you might be missing a few Juno points, and therefore not be able to make your purchase!

# 2 The vendor might be from a blocked category

Juno Flex Cards© only work for wellness purchases! Points can't be spent on, for example, alcoholic beverages and non-fitness related clothing. Other blocked merchants include sports betting sites, dating services, fast food stores and cigar stores. If you get an email from Juno saying that the purchase failed because of an 'Unauthorised Merchant' or 'Blocked Category', this is why.

#3 The vendor may have flagged your purchase as spam

Our Juno Flex Cards© are likely to be flagged as spam or fraud when used towards gift card purchases (particularly gaming credits). Not to worry through, you can purchase the gift card yourself and submit an expense.

Still not sure how our Juno Flex Card works? Experiencing any other issues? Contact our Customer Service Team via the live chat on the bottom right of your screen to find out more information!

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