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Employers: Managing your team on Juno
Adding and removing employees from the team and the plan
Adding and removing employees from the team and the plan
Changes happening in your team? Here's how to manage it on Juno!
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Adding Someone to the Team

When you are ready to add an additional person or group of people to the platform, first head to Manage Team which can be found under your team tab at the top of your page.

From here you'll be able to select + Add team member and either add your team individually or via CSV upload.

Adding team members individually

To add a single person to the platform simply enter their email (make sure the email is active) and select their plan and role. An employee can either be 'On Plan', meaning they receive points each month or 'Not on Plan' meaning they wont be part of the monthly subscription. Members 'Not on Plan' can still receive points on an ad-hoc basis from the team wallet or their colleagues.

You are now able to give welcome points to new members joining part way through the month, these will be deducted from your team wallet, so make sure it's topped-up! If you aren't able to do this here you can always do it in your 'Team Points' area.

Adding team members using the CSV upload

If you have a few new starters to add, we'd recommend using the CSV option. Simply download the template, add the emails, plan status, roles and welcome points, and re-upload to send out the invitations.

Removing someone from Juno

Someone leaving your team? Simply head back to 'Manage Team' and find or search for the team member leaving. From here you can either toggle the plan status of the user by hovering over 'active' (this is a great option if you'd like to give them a little longer to spend their remaining points) or remove them completely using the bin icon.

When you are ready to remove the user completely you'll have the option to withdraw their points to the team wallet. From there you'll be able to redistribute them to your team or save them as welcome points for a new joiner. Once removed you won't be charged for their subscription, only active 'on plan' users are charged for automatically.

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