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Are you leaving your company? Here's what happens next!
Are you leaving your company? Here's what happens next!
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Are you wondering what happens to your Juno points once you leave your company? We've got you covered!

Whether you can access your points after you leave your company depends on your team's policy. If you're unsure what this is you can check this with your team admin.

If your teams policy is to take back points at the end of your employment, you will need to spend them before the agreed date. If you’re coming short of ideas, don’t worry! You have total flexibility with where you spend them. You can spend them using your Juno Card (virtual debit card which you can use to make any wellness related purchase), or you can request a reimbursement.

If instead, you are able you to keep your points after you have left the company, your team admin will invite you to join the team using a personal email address. Your company admin will then transfer the points to your personal account.

Be careful, personal accounts are temporary and only have 30 days validity so you'll need to spend points before your account closes.

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