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What if I don't have enough points for my Expense request?
What if I don't have enough points for my Expense request?

So you've made a big purchase and don't have enough points to cover it all. Don't worry, we can still help!

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We all like to treat ourselves to a big purchase once in a while, and Juno is here to help you out in whatever way we can. Juno Expenses© are a great way to use your points towards an in-person purchase or items that aren't available on our platform.

It's great if you have enough points to cover your full purchase, but we understand that this isn't always the case.

If you're short on points for a full reimbursement, a good option for you might be a partial reimbursement.

Doing this is very simple: just request a reimbursement for the amount of points you currently have.

If you want it to be a recurring reimbursement, make sure you give us some indication in the 'What Is It That You'd Like To Expense?' section 😉

For subsequent requests, leave us a short note like in the image below so that we know this request is part of a series of requests. We always scan receipts for accidental duplicates, so we'll need to see this to make sure that your request gets processed appropriately!

Aside from that, just submit your request as you would any other reimbursement and we'll send out your transfer on the nearest Tuesday or Friday 😊

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