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Getting Started with Juno
Welcome to Juno! Getting started with Pots.
Welcome to Juno! Getting started with Pots.

So you've just joined Juno and you've been assigned a Pot! How do Pots work?

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What is Juno?

If you're reading this you must be new, welcome to the Juno family! Your company has been amazing and decided to bring you all onto our platform, to support your lives. This guide will introduce you to Juno, what we do, why we do it, and how you can use it!

Juno is a different kind of employee benefit, and was born after our founder became tired of being offered trivial, one-size fits all benefits that couldn't possibly cater for everyone within the company!

At Juno, we want you to define what wellbeing means. You are the person who knows what is best for you and Juno is here to let you take control. Juno is intended to support your life inside and outside of work. We know that what works for one person, doesn't work for someone else, not everyone wants to take a HIIT class or drink green juice every day!

Juno has a wide range of platform partners where you can use your benefit, but the most exciting aspect of Juno is that it is completely flexible for you to use at your favourite brands, vendors or providers. We're not going to force you to go to a certain chain of gyms, a specific fitness class, or buy products from a narrow selection of brands.

This means that no matter your location or interests, Juno is for you!

What are Pots?

Pots are a way for your employer to give you a regular allowance for you to use in a certain way. The amount and nature of the Pot will depend on your employer, and you may be assigned multiple Pots to use for different things.

As an example, you may be assigned a quarterly allowance of £150 via a 'General Wellbeing Pot'. Or you may be given a £500 annual L&D allowance, for example.

You can navigate to your Pots page/s via the left-hand sidebar. If you don't see any Pots there, get in touch with your team administrator as you may not have been assigned any just yet.

Each Pot page will explain how you can use your allowance, how much you have to spend, how long you have until it renews, and whether any unspent allowance will roll over or expire.

Your employer will also have written a policy around spending, and it's important that you read and understand this.

Spending Your Allowance

Now that you understand how the Pots work, how can you spend the allowance?

There are two ways:

The Juno Card

When you first navigate to your Pots page, you will be asked to register your Juno VISA card. You simply need to enter your name, address and phone number. These will be your billing details for future transactions.

You Juno card can be used online so that you can purchase products and services that are important to you, and that are compliant with the Pot policy. Juno Cards can also be added to Google Pay to pay via your mobile device, and you may be able to request a physical Juno Card (depending on your employer and your location).

Your employer may require receipts for purchases on the Juno Card, and if this is the case you will receive an email request instantly after a transaction requesting you to submit a receipt.


Juno also allows our users to reimburse purchases that you've made using your own funds. This is super handy if you had to pay for something in cash or for recurring Direct Debits from your personal bank account. Expenses are also handy if you want to spend more than your remaining allowance; in that case you will receive back the full remaining amount.

Juno's Support team will review your receipts to make sure they are compliant with the Pot policy, and they will be available for your employer to view at a later date.

Reimbursement payments are made twice weekly to your nominated bank account, so you never have to worry about waiting a long time to receive the money back

Juno's Platform Partners

Juno has developed a wide network of partners where you can avail exclusive discounts or earn Juno Points as rewards when purchasing products or services with them.

Navigate to the Partners page and use the Open-AI powered search bar to find Juno's partners that might suit your interests or focusses, and that are compliant with the Pot policy.

You can use your Juno Card to make purchases directly with Juno's Partners via their websites. This means you'll always have the most up-to-date pricing & stock information!

What are Juno Points?

Juno Points are separate to Pots. You may also receive Juno Points from time-to-time as rewards from your employer, and you can also earn Juno Points when you spend your Pots allowances with Juno's platform partners.

As a general rule 1 Juno Point = £0.50/ €0.57/$0.62 although this may vary slightly and you can spend these on any wellbeing related products and services. You'll need to set up a separate 'Juno Flex Card' to spend Juno Points, or you can also submit an Expense to spend your Juno Points.

Onboarding Queries

When you accepted the invite from your employer, you will have chosen to set your account up using Google SSO or by inputting a password. You need to use the same method you chose each time you log into Juno.

You can update your location at the top of any page so that your Juno Points will be converted into your local currency, and so that Juno's platform partner page will show you brands that are available in your location.

Juno Support

Any other questions? Feel free to get in touch with the team using or via the chatbot and we'll be happy to help!

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