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Juno Platform: A guide to everything you need to know
Juno Platform: A guide to everything you need to know
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Here's a handy guide to everything you need to know about the Juno Platform:

Signing Up

If you haven't already, you'll receive an invite to your work email from us. Just follow the link on the email to sign up and access your team and your points. Make sure you use your work email to sign up.

Once you follow the link and sign up, you'll be shown the Juno homepage. You'll be asked to fill in a few bits of basic information like your location and mobile number - this is important to fill in so that the platform can recommend you the most relevant services and products as well as allowing us to complete your orders more efficiently.

What I can get on Juno?

Here are the categories and some examples of products and services that you can order on Juno:

Life: Sustainable lifestyle products, organic coffee, memberships to cultural sites etc.

Home: House cleaning, handyman help, flowers and plants etc.

Nutrition: Organic veg boxes, nutrition programme, Fridge Fills etc.

Mind: Online therapy, reading material, wellbeing journals etc.

Entertainment: Colouring activities, Pottery kits, Garden and art boxes and more.

Learning: Personal tutoring, educational content, online courses etc.

Self Care: Sustainable period products, Facials, Sexual wellness products and more.

Fitness: Online exercise, Fitness smart trackers, Yoga, Spin workout and more.

Health: Nutritionist sessions, Health app subscriptions, Supplement powders etc.

Giving: Donate to, Caritas Nula and many more charities.

Finance: Finance tips, financial advisors.

Are we missing your favourite brand? Tell us what YOU want to see on Juno by filling out our brand suggestion box!

Points and Wallet

Your wallet is located in the top right corner on the Juno Platform. There you'll find your available points and the Top-up option. This is useful if you're only a few points off of a purchase or if you wanted to use your points towards a larger purchase - just top up the difference.

How to order experiences

Once you place an order on Juno, our team will get started on processing it. We may reach out for more information from you or to suggest some alternatives if the product you were after is out of stock.

Once we've fulfilled your order, you'll get a confirmation email and we'll take care of the rest. You shouldn't wait more than 6 hours and it's usually completed within 1 hour!

If you want to find and manage your bookings you can do so by clicking My Orders on the drop-down menu on the platform. Feel free to get in touch with us through the live chat if you have any questions or feedback on your order.

** Please note that we will never share what you order on Juno with your employer, employers can see anonymised, aggregated analytics so they'll never know exactly how you are spending your points **

Juno Cards

Juno Cards are here to give you full control of your wellbeing budget as well as allowing you to access subscriptions with your Juno points. Find out more here!

Health Check-in

We recommend completing your health check-in every two weeks to give you the best experience on the platform. The health check-in can be completed here and it consists of 16 questions to give you an idea of where your wellbeing is currently at as well as giving you tailored recommendations on the platform. Here's a step by step guide.

Account settings

You can always edit the information on your account by clicking on the drop-down menu and clicking on My Account.


You can find our Support team via the Intercom bot or by emailing

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