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Changing Juno Day and Custom Allowances
Changing Juno Day and Custom Allowances
Written by Jack Bradley
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Change Juno Day

It's entirely up to you when your team receives their Juno Points. You can change your Juno Day at any point after you’ve onboarded your team via the Manage Plan page and 'Edit' Monthly Budget. We recommend giving your team a heads up, so they know when to expect their Juno Points.

FAQ: Will I be charged again if I change the day during the month I already paid?

If you originally had set your Juno Day as the 1st of the month and you change your Juno Day to the 15th of the month before the 15th of the month arrives, your team will receive another batch of points on the 15th (and you will be charged again).

If you wait until the 16th, then change your Juno Day to the 15th, you wouldn't receive two batches of points in the same month.

Custom Allowances

You can choose to customise the allowance per employee. For example, if your general team allowance is 100 Juno Points, but you have a couple of part-time staff or interns you're able to like set them to receive a reduced allowance.

You can do this one of two ways:

When inviting a new user to join the team

When you issue an invite to a new user, you can set the monthly budget for them within the invite screen. The invite page defaults to your Team Allowance, and you can update it accordingly.

After an employee has already joined the team

You might need to change an allowance after someone has joined the team. If that's the case, head to Manage Team and update the value in the Juno Points (allowance) column.

Note: you'll need to be on the 'Show allowance' view, and not the 'Show balance' view.

FAQ: Will this change be reflected in a new invoice or until the next general invoice?

These changes will only be reflected on the next generated invoice.

FAQ: How do I know if someone receives a custom budget?

Each individual's allowance is listed on the Manage Team page.

FAQ: Will invoices be automatically updated too?

Only newly generated invoices will reflect any changes made on your team concerning budgets and Juno Day.

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